About Us

GLANZ by Arora Jewellers, a credible name for more than 25 years, brings you an exquisite range of 925 Sterling silver Jewellery-Glanz.
Glanz derived from the german etymology which means ray of shine. We at Glanz want our customers to shine in their own brightest light like a full moon.
We at glanz continuously strive to get you the best of the designs and our every piece of jewellery/article is an handcrafted object manufactured with high standards of quality. The precious metal used is sterling silver 925/1000 and all products are in the conformity of the brand. 
We oblige ourselves to always satisfy you as a Glanz customer and our deep commitment to quality and purity is what drives us!
Thank you for trusting us.
  “To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are”
 - Roy T. Bennett, The light in the heart

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