Resizing FAQs

What happens if my ring doesn’t fit?

No risks of making a mistake with the ring size, we got you covered. If you want to resize your ring, we will resize it for you. Please read our resizing policy for more information.

What is GLANZ’s Resizing Service?

We value your experience, and want to make sure you always love what we have to offer. We offer a 7 day Resizing Service.
If you want to resize your ring, we will resize it for you, except in certain cases where resizing is not possible or any other reason.

Are there any terms and conditions associated with Resizing Service?

1. Resizing request can be raised within 7 days from the date of delivery.
2. We will not return or exchange the product in case of resizing.
3.This service is only limited to undamaged products. If the product does not qualify for resizing, unfortunately, we will have to send it back to you.
4. Please note that in the event of resizing, any price differences will be collected or refunded to you, as the case may be.
5. Resizing of the ring is subject to availability of the product.

How can I avail the Resizing Service?

Customer should contact the customer support within 7 days from the delivery of product on +91 3584 6268 (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM / Mon-Sat) or write us to or through any of our support channels (Chat/WhatsApp) we will assist you further

Is Resizing Service chargeable?

Resizing service in itself is free, shipping charges under resizing service will be borne by the customer and in certain cases customer is responsible to deliver the product to us in case of resizing.
Please note If the resized ring cost more than the existing ring, the incremental cost shall be borne by the customer. If the resized ring cost less than the existing ring, the differential amount shall be refunded to the customer.