Lifetime Buy-Back FAQs

What is GLANZ’s Lifetime Buy-Back Policy?

We offer a Lifetime Buy-Back Policy on all purchases* made from Glanz, within India. The product along with the original product invoice, can be returned for buy-back at 40% of its original invoice value.

How do customers benefit from the Lifetime Buy-Back Policy?

UPGRADE YOUR STYLE: You can use the buy-back value to get a new piece of jewellery that better suits your current taste and preferences.
CURRENT FASHION TREND: If your old jewellery no longer matches current fashion trends or style preferences, exchanging it for new designs that you’ll actually wear and enjoy could be a good idea.
REDUCE SPACE: If you have old jewellery you don't wear anymore, it can be returned for buy-back and can help to declutter and free up space.
SAVE MONEY: You can use the buy-back value to buy a brand new piece of jewellery. It can be a good way to save money (Buy-Back Value + Discounts = New Piece of Jewellery)
BEST BUY-BACK VALUE: Your jewellery is worth more than you think. You can return your old jewellery for a buy-back at a better value than current market price (GLANZ’s Value > Market Value).

Are there any terms and conditions associated with Lifetime Buy-Back Policy?

1. Customized Jewellery* and Coins* are excluded from this policy.
2. Buy-Back request can be raised after 180 days of purchase.
3. If you received a discount or gift card while making your purchase, we will deduct the original discount amount or gift card value, as applicable.
4. In case of more than one product, request can be raised for one product* only in a month.
5. One product means a complete set of products, for instance Pendant with chain and Pair of earrings.
6. Glanz products bought from non Glanz Offline/Online Stores will not be eligible for buyback.
7. In case of Lifetime Buy-Back, shipping charges will be borne by the customer and in certain cases the customer is responsible to deliver the product to our warehouse.
8. If you choose to return the product for buyback and once all participating parties agree on valuation, the offered value against the old jewellery will be credited to your Glanz account within 7 days of receipt of the product. The value cannot be encashed.
9. Jewellery returned showing signs of alteration by anyone other than Glanz shall not be accepted for return. Based on our quality inspection, we reserve the right to change the Buy-Back amount of the product.
10. Once the value is credited to your Glanz account, the Old Jewellery cannot be returned to you.
11. Loss of the original product invoice would result in a deduction of value to 20%.
12. Your Glanz Credits are valid at most for one year (365 Days) from the day you receive them and can be used to purchase any jewellery from Glanz.

When can I avail the Lifetime Buy-Back Policy?

Buy-Back request can be raised after 180 days of purchase.

How can I avail the Lifetime Buy-Back Policy?

Customer should contact the customer support on +91 3584 6268 (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM / Mon-Sat) or write us to or through any of our support channels (Chat/WhatsApp)